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My Story

Hello, In the year 1999 while riding a bicycle a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel which left me badly damaged. Especially my back crushed my sciatic nerve and left me disfigured. I went from a bodybuilder to a person who could barely move her legs without excruciating pain. My doctor prescribed a book to read the book was titled “The Secret” by author Rhonda Bryne. “The Secret” worked magic. I would have to write a book about all the miracles that happened. A better home, financially secure. One day on I met the first true love that I haven’t seen in 20 years. I went and visited him in Texas. A beautiful house. The kind of house that anyone would be proud to call home. Yes, the Universe answered my wishes. There was something missing. There was no love. I was already in a loveless relationship I didn’t want another. I guess when I was making my wishes I left out a loving relationship. When I came back to my mobile home everything went upside down.
If the book The Secret worked once why didn’t it work again? Questions and I went on a search for answers. My therapist recommended a book by the author Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks, “Ask and It Is Given”. I fell in love with the authors and I started reading book after book until I came to “The Law of Attraction” I didn’t know that the books I was reading were part of a seven books series of “The Law of Attraction”. A new word evolved and it became a new fad. The word was manifest.


(Hello, the link below is a great tool if you are building a website. The website Jaaxy is a great keyword tool to have. Nowadays it’s all about search engines and keywords. If you want your website to get ahead in the search engines try Jaaxy. It’s free for a very competitive business. Love & Light.) I will pass everything that I have learned to all the ladies that are in desperate need to be financially independent.

Why You Want To Help People

Everybody got into this manifestation. How do I manifest one million dollars? It became a fad. People starting falling into depression because they weren’t able to manifest. There are groups on Facebook called “The Law of Attraction” “The Secret” the group’s main concern is how to manifest? Why can’t I visualize? That’s when I went on a quest. Why some people can manifest and some people can’t? Everybody thought that all you had to do was visualize and wish really hard and the Universe will grant you your wishes. There’s so much more to manifesting your dreams.

Negative Energy

 Negative energy was hardly mentioned. Not that I remember. It was positive affirmations. Positive thoughts. I really don’t recall anyone discussing how negative energy, negative people can zap your wishes while you’re sitting meditating on your desires. When I heard an audio “The Soul of Wealth” by Kari Samuels’ (2017) she spoke about how the subconscious mind can be full of negative energy. Negative energy from past lives. She also spoke about Karma. How people look at money with negativity. How important it is to increase your energy. While reading a book by Kyle Gray “Raise Your Vibrations” “111 Practices To Increase Your Spiritual Connection”. I became enlightened about my mind, body, and soul. I became educated about energy. He believes love is the strongest feeling in the world. Through prayer, I felt my heart open, (tears started rolling down my cheeks) a warmth feeling, love. The love that children are born with. Do you notice a child they love everything? Children have unconditional love. Through meditation (something that I was never into) I saw my heart glow. I felt alive! Through his beliefs, I realized how lacking I was with my spirituality. I became aware of all the negativity that was surrounding me. Like the man, I live with. He walks into a room and you can feel the black cloud he carries around. They actually have a term “Energy Vampires”. Now my heart feels love, a beautiful love. My mind is opened.  I now am aware that I have a Guardian Angel by my side protecting me. My vibrations are higher I am more energetic. Through the power of prayer & meditation now I am able to keep negative energy at bay. It took years to learn why some people can manifest and why some people can’t. What took me so long to learn I feel it’s necessary to share it with the rest of the world.


The goal of my site is to enlighten people. Through the books that I have read and my life experiences. At the age of 63, I have become so much wiser. Kyle Gray has five books and they are all best-sellers. Angels have been talking to Kyle Gray since he was a child. He sees’s angels. Kyle Gray is a well know psychic healer in the UK. He’s not religious, he is spiritual. I would love to share my feelings of love, life, people, the planet, the animals, to you. Through a combination of authors, each had a piece of the puzzle and the beliefs are very similar. Author, Louise Hay  through positive affirmations and loving herself she was able to cure herself from cervical cancer.  There is one thing that several authors agree on if you want to have your manifestations come true. This is something I also have to do, keep all negative people away. Get them out of your life!  You and I deserve a happy life. Full of love, prosperity and good health. So join me and become a “Light Warrior” (a title of one of Kyle Gray books). Through love, world hungry will be no more. Through love there will be peace. Through love we can save our planet. This is free go to HayHouse and download 101 Postive thoughts by Lousie Hay. There is so much us humans living in a spirtual body needs to learn.
I will be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have.
If, you would like to know which book referral to start out by sending me a email.

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What to Use To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home?

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Removing Negative Energy From Your Home

I promised the more I learn it will be passed on to yours. What good is it that you’ve got your vibrations to go higher? That you’re got rid of all your negative influences. You kick out your negative boyfriend in a lovingly. Yet when you go home something is amiss? Negative energy.

Energy never dies. “Albert Einstein”

As I was listening to Louise May Affirmations. Quote: “Never say how you hate your home”. Because when your move your bring all that ugly, hate, negative energy to your new home”. Instead, tell the Universe your ready to move to a larger home that you can afford. That the couple that was living there was very much in love. Do you know Louise Hay found the exact home she had imagined And of course it was full of love vibrations? Now that’s the kind of home I would love to move into.

The Book – Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray

He gives you 111 ways to increase your vibrations. This will be about our home. Buy some sage and burn it continuously throughout the entire house. I did this, and I took the sage and let the smoke go over my body, my head, legs even my dog. I said a prayer while performing this ceremony. It’s called Smudging.

Then I opened the door and with the sage still burning and said there is no place for negative energy in my home! I have to admit there was a feeling of lightness in the house. I can’t explain it. My home just felt good.

This I don’t know much about. It’s in all the books I have read.

Your Chakha, I even bought a set of Chakra stones. It’s better when you have a friend or partner to assist yours. This is also in the above book. To increase your vibrations some people get the Chakra energy to heighten. I am better with the meditation. Still, have a lot to learn about what color stones go where. I understand that we all have energy within us. The Chakra your can say energizes your spirit. Your heart. According to Kyle Gray, we have two hearts. The physical one and the one the loving one. He said the Angels explained that to him. All I know when I was in deep meditation tears started rolling down my cheeks. It wasn’t tears of sadness. It was tears of joy for I saw my heart glowing and felt the purest love. Now I understand what they mean by pure love.

This is a beautiful Brown Leather Seven Stone Chakra Journal Diary Notebook with Embossed Edges and Triple Closure.  Author Kyle Gray recommends having a journal and writes down what you may experience with his audiobook Angel Prayer Meditations.


Welcome To Removing Negative Energy with Love

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Welcome to:
Thank you for visiting my website. There is a lot of wisdom in this woman soon to be 63. Let’s say I had more downs than ups. When I was a child people would ask my mother what is wrong with your daughter? I wasn’t allowed to speak or play with the other children. Author, Louise Hay speaks about the inner child. It’s healthy to go splash at the ocean. It’s healthy respecting your inner child and once a week just let your hair down, have fun and your vibrations will begin to soar. I just had an epiphany while I was to some introspecting. Why did “The Secret” worked for me that one-time? Had my Secret board. Said positive affirmation. Was exercising.  Yet something wasn’t right.

Finding out what was right?

Maybe because I was in the same negative relationship? Years of no affection, no touching. Staying in separate rooms. The only communicate, yelling.  No wonder I couldn’t manifest! I could barely put a smile on my face.  Like the man who asked my mother what is wrong with your daughter?   My mother wasn’t going to say – how much is hated me? That she beats me every day.  No, my mother was perfect!

Do you see a pattern? Do I? Being abused as a child than finding husbands that were abusive. I had something to do with associating with abusive people? Something happens when you get older? I know I asked myself is this what I want for the rest of my life? Never to be able to drive a car? No! I still have plenty of life to live. And it will be lived to the fullest. Most of the authors agree on. If you have negative people in your life or if you are in a negative relationship, even if your family is negative you have to walk away. Forgive them and put their faith in the Universe, The Divine Creator, Your Guardian angels. I was listening to Doreen Virtue audiobook “The Ten Things That Angels want to tell you”. Also, Kyle Gray book “Increase your Vibrations” For the first time this made sense to me. A light bulb went off in my head.
Kyle said he had “fleeting moments of peace” and then there were gone. Same with love. He had “moments of a loving touch”, and the same for happiness. He became aware that happiness is something you can spend your whole life looking. Happiness comes from the heart. Love, you could be searching and searching. If you don’t feel any love for yourselves how are you going to love other people? These are the things that I have been searching for all my life. When all along they were always part of me.  Hidden under hurt feelings, not being able to forgive. When you forgive people that have hurt you in the past or present. Your heart becomes alive again. There’s a feeling that this big burden has been lifted
Today “learned this by author “Louise Hay” when I pass a mirror I look at myself death straight in the eyes and I say, Layla you are beautiful,  Layla you are loving,  Layla you are sweet and caring,  Layla you are lovable. Let’s start taking care of Layla today. Try it. It really works.
Today I have the feeling that my dreams are coming true. September I will be 63. My dream has been always to be financially independent. That nobody is going to say no Layla you are not allowed to drive. Ever since I started working here at Wealthy Affiliate. People actually care for each other.  We are all helping each other to succeed.
Today with the help of My Divine Creator I will be earning a paycheck at this great company Wealthy Affiliate.
I will no longer go to bed hungry. I am so grateful that by Divine Creator or my Guardian Angel whispered into my ear, and my intuition said Layla read some reviews? Which I did.  I starting reading about this wonderful company Wealthy Affiliate. There is so much education, videos,  seminars and the people who are loving, caring & kind. I honestly thought people of that tribe no longer existed. I did read go find your tribe. Wealthy Affiliate is where I belong.
If you have any questions please send me an email and I will be more than happy to assist you. Do you know fear is the ugliest negative feelings? At one time I was full of fear. I was afraid to go outside. I was afraid to go shopping by myself. Today I challenge my fears. Baby steps, but I am keeping negative energy away. Try it? Try challenging your fears. You are going to feel your Vibrations increasing. You might even feel a tingling sensation. According to several authors, Kyle Gray, Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay they all believe that love is the key. Love is the strongest feeling and the highest vibration. If we would love more there would be no more wars. No I haven’t found my tribe yet. Wealthy Affiliate is an honest, sincere, educational and a place that the Universe will shine prosperity on my online business. I will know when I find my tribe. Are beliefs will be the same. They will have a glow. That happens when your heart opens up to love, real love not lust.
Love & Light,
Layla Read More

These Books are Available Here From Amazon

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Here is a list of books that have made my spirit soar and my heart feel again.

Raise Your Vibration – Light Warrior and Angels, 3 Book Collection Set by Kyle Gray – Reviews: Each book in this collection is a perfect 5 star. I have all 3 of these books. I love this author and I know you will love him too!



Ten Messages Your Angels Want You to Know by Doreen Virtue – Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars, 164 customer reviews


Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle: How to Break Free of Negativity and Drama by Doreen Virtue – Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 864 customer reviews.

I Can Do It: To use affirmation to change your life (Louise L. Hay Subliminal Mastery) Hardcover. April 29, 2004
4.4 out of Five Stars – 148 customer reviews
In this concise yet information-packed book – which you can listen on audio download or read at your leisure – bestselling author Louise L. Hay shows you that “you can do it” – that is change and improve virtually every aspect of your life by understanding and using affirmations correctly. Well know for her postive affirmations, Louise explains that every thought you. think and every word you speak is an affirmation. Many of your own thoughts are merely habitual and learned from childhood – they may work well for you but you also have thoughts creating experiences you don’t want. Learn how to elimate these and replace with affrimations to give you the confidence to attain the wonderful,  joy – filled life you deserve.”
Note: This book is from the UK amazon store. This product includes the audio download code.


The Essential by author Lousie Hay. Rating – 79 customers gave 5 star rating. All perfect reviews.“For more than 25 years, Louise Hay has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self – healing. In this single volume, you will find three of her most beloved books:
  1. 1. “You Can Heal Your Life” is a true classic, with millions of copies in print worldwide.  Louise’s key message here is that “if we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” She explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking…and improve the quality of your life.”

  2. 2.” In Heal Your Body,” Louise describes the methods she used to cure herself of cancer, which will help you discover patterns in your own ailments that reveal a lot about yourself.  It offers positive new – thought patterns to replace negative emotions, an alphabetical chart of pysical aliments with their probable causes, and healing affirmations so you can elimate old patterns.”

  3. 3. “The Power Is Within You” expands on Louise’s philosophy of “loving the self” and show you how to overcome emotional barriers through learning to listen to your inner voice, loving the child within, and letting your true feelings surface. In these pages, Lousie encourages readers to think of themselves positively and be more accepting of – and grateful for – who they are.”

  4. “The Essentials Louise Hay Collection is the perfect read for anyone seeking insights into the mind – body connection, as well as for thos who want the pleasure of finally having their favorite Louise Hay books together in one convenient volume.”

 Louise Hay was the woman who healed yourself from Cancer with Positive Affirmations. She was mentioned in the book “The Secret.” She created HayHouse. The Queen of Positive Affirmations – Died in her sleep at the age 90.  She died of natural causes,  August 2017-

My heart is in the right place. Honestly, you only make a few cents off books. My picture is so much bigger! There’s a big need to help & educate Abuse Women. What ever I learn will be past on in my Blog for Abuse Women 10% goes to charity. I am asking the Universe for a decent home to start with one or two women & grow from their. I believe in miracles. My first step is to move out of my negative situation. I could use all the positive energy that you can send to this website.